While most of us would be merrily celebrating Christmas and awaiting the arrival of New Year, 14 year old Prashant would be cleaning up the cars and assisting in dumping the garbage till midnight. He has been doing this for the past 2 years since he dropped off from his school at Tathawade, when his father passed away ailing from AIDS leaving their family in the middle of a tragic patch of life. Prashant works for a hotel in Pune and is survived with one younger brother and a sister who assist their mother in her job as a laborer at a construction site. 12 year old Kishan also has a similar story to tell. He first got introduced to selling newspapers when he was at the age of 9. Since his father met with a fire accident and lost his eyesight he has been bed-ridden. His mother works as a tailor and operates from home. Ask her about the goals she would like to set for Kishan, she is speechless. So is also the case with 17 year old Priya who now works as a housemaid. Her drunkard father spent all the money and assets he had earned from his job as a supervisor in a brick kiln only to put the family in an overwhelming debt. Last year he was caught trafficking drugs and was put behind the bars. Now Priya and her mother both work in the same colony as housemaids to earn a living and repay the debt. Today Priya has a gloomy face not only because of the burdening debt but also she has to raise funds for her approaching marriage. She is in dilemma – Who will take care of her mother after her marriage?

This is not only the story of Prashant, Kishan and Priya but of many-many other under-privileged who seek a shelter in the hearts of the generous. It is not that problems exist only in the weaker socio-economic sections of the society. There are problems, however of a different nature, even in the most advanced spheres of modern society. Over the decades there has been a rampant increase in teen suicides, divorces, abortions, drug-addiction, intoxication, extra-marital relations, communal tensions, child abuse, rape and violence only to name a few. Noble qualities of compassion, sacrifice, morality are lost. Driven by material success most people do not see the need for adopting this cause. While others who do agree principally, do not find the sufficient time and energy to do their worth of share for giving the world a rendezvous with peace & happiness.